All artwork displayed on this website has been produced using the following hermeneutic phenomenological research methodology offered by Max Van Manen, Linda Finlay, and Denise McMorrow:

Step 1: Write a detailed, descriptive anecdote about your lived experience of a particular human phenomenon: a written snapshot of a specific moment or situation in your life that really captures that phenomenon for you.

Step 2: Highlight meaning units within your written description–words that convey something meaningful and essential about the particular human phenomenon under inquiry. “Code” those meaning units by giving them a label that best captures their meaning. Then, group those codes into categories based on shared meanings. Finally, label those categories with a phrase of words that best capture a thematic insight about the human phenomenon under inquiry. All themes, taken together, should strive to co-constitute the essential nature of the phenomenon for human beings.

Step 3: Create artwork that expresses, in an intuitive and evocative way, the essential themes you developed about the particular human phenomenon under inquiry. In other words, transform your phenomenological research findings into phenomenological art.