“Independence,” by Savannah Dacosta.
No matter the scars I had to go heal from, I stand up in the end, conquer all, and feel independent. 
“Empowerment,” by Chelsey Bennett.
With my painting I was trying to show the spiritual connection of empowerment. The moment when you feel most empowered and you feel invincible. As if you aren’t bound by the limitations of your physical body and you can do anything. I wanted the colors to represent the different shades of happiness and emotion being released during the high point so they radiate from her body because at this moment she isn’t being influenced by the outside but gaining euphoria from within.
Ownership with Community” by Larissa McPherson
A part of being empowered involves having a sense of ownership (putting your best and full effort into what you are doing) and sharing that with your community. Allowing the Spirit in others to help you grow and hold up along the journey. 
“Excitement in Expression,” by Larissa McPherson.
Being empowered brings excitement to your life and is brought through expression. Expression is important. What you have been created by the Father to express is unique and will produce fruit. 
“Growing Deep Connection,” by Larissa McPherson.
Empowerment brings growth that, like water, falls into the rest of your life. This growth leads to a deeper connection with others and the Father. 
“Self-Empowerment” by Chanse Yelverton
My dance highlights the struggle and self doubt that comes with self empowerment. On the flip side it also tells the importance of self confidence because if you don’t believe in you then how are you going empower yourself. Another thing is that there is more power in you than you realize and when you empower yourself you unlock the knowledge of you endless power.
“Vision Board,” by Taylor Blessett.
This empowerment collage keeps me motivated and allows me to visually see that my goals are still my goals regardless of what is currently happening. This collage expresses being empowered by the themes of (1) motivation to move towards goals and (2) maintaining positivity in the face of negativity. On the collage, there are several positive statements and pictures that can also motivate you (especially when you have choice BUT to look at it).
“Pure Happiness,” by Anonymous
This phenomenological theme, Pure Happiness, was based on a story about feeling empowered by helping my sister learn to play softball. I feel as though her happiness, as well as mine, was what made this time together so empowering.

“The Obstruction of Obstruction,” by Christina Gaines.
The lived experience of being empowered is a process that begins with wanting a superpower or a vision to come into fruition (like the vision for this painting). Being empowered means experiencing doubts–being skeptical that what seems impossible is possible, and struggling with feelings of discouragement. Being empowered means asking for your desires and gathering your supplies to make them happen. Being empowered means believing in the process, beginning to see your vision coming into reality, and letting go of previous expectations to admire what’s in front of you. Being empowered means receiving what is yours: turning dreams into reality (like this finished painting!), and feeling proud because your doubts did not obstruct your hidden talents.

“Positivity Garden” by Amber Brown
My phenomenological art is about the experience of empowerment. I created a “positivity garden” that is filled with vibrant flowers and bugs with bright colors as well as words and phrases that encourage positivity. Some of the flowers have a song by Jhene Aiko that promotes positivity and peace of mind. I created this in a variety of different settings and with different types of noise in the background. I made sure wherever I was there was nothing but positive vibes and people around me to help motivate my creativity.
“Phoenix Rising,” by Nisha Gupta
The experience of being empowered is rising up from the ashes: better, stronger, wiser.