“Loss of Hope,” by Crystal DeMouy
This is a photo that I took while looking out over the ocean from a balcony while on vacation. This sight spoke to me while I was reflecting over a recent heartbreaking loss. The storm clouds and rough waves rolled in while only leaving destruction in their paths. However, there is still hope on the side where the storm has yet to reach. I feel like this photo speaks to how my heart processes emotions that I can not put in words well enough. My heart started off bright and loving, but traumatic experiences have left a destructive path and darkness in the once joyful artistic place of my heart.
“The Lived Experience of Grief,” by Anonymous
Here we see depicted that grief can cause you so many emotions that isolate you and can cause conferment. You may feel like you are in this never ending black hole. You do not know how it happened, what’s coming next, or if it will ever end. Yet, you can take these changes and transform them into something positive for yourself. Take the sadness and transform it into drive for a better you. I am a big believer on the phrase ” You have to fall down in order to get back up”. You are ever growing and changing, grasp onto the small rays on sunshine and let it warm you until it becomes enough.