References & Links

The following is a list of researchers, psychologists, and thinkers to whom the methodological approach of the Phenomenological Art Collective is indebted:

Kip Jones and Performative Social Science Research

Patricia Leavy and Arts-based Research 

Max Van Manen and Hermeneutic Phenomenology

Linda Finlay and Autophenomenology

Denise McMorrow and the Imaginal Hermeneutic Method

Mary Watkins: Liberation Psychology and Emancipatory Arts

The following includes links to Dr. Nisha Gupta’s own arts-based phenomenological research projects:

DESI EROS: An arts-based phenomenological study of reclaiming erotic power among women from the South Asian Diaspora

ILLUMINATE: A cinematic-phenomenological study of the lived experience of being in the closet as a sexual minority

STORIES OF FAITH / STORIES OF HUMANITY: A phenomenological digital storytelling platform about the role and function of faith in human lives.