“The Lived Experience of Time” by Anonymous
The meaning of this art is to show what it feels like to be a prisoner for life to time. This phenomenon is characterized by feeling that one can never escape from time because it is always around you and never ending until the moment one takes their last breath. I tried to encompass all of this in my artwork by showing the hands of someone behind prison bars with a clock. One might think that since there is a clock it means that the prisoner will get to escape eventually. However, this is not the case because the clock is actually in prison with the person, which I was doing to try and create some irony. Also, I felt that having hands on the prison bars makes it seem the person is desperate to escape, which is how I feel about the lived experience of time. Furthermore, I made a last minute decision to make everything in black and white even though I liked the color version better, because I thought it would help evoke some of those negative feelings associated with this phenomenon such as the feelings that it is inescapable, tiresome, and draining. The photo itself is created by layering a bunch of different clocks together to show that no matter where you look in the photo, just as with life, time is somewhere to be found. In addition, I left a few of the “time numbers” such as 8 and 9 on the hand of the prisoner to show how engrained this feeling becomes in me to the point where we are one, and also just to parallel the feelings of how inescapable this feeling truly is for me. Lastly, I wanted to kind of make the artwork look undesirable or unpleasing to the eye to mimic how I feel about this phenomenon. 
 “Hold Onto Hope (The Lived Experience of Depression) by Jasmine Hibbler
This drawing is about the lived experience of depression and fighting it. At the top of this drawing are the feelings, thoughts, and subconscious thoughts that kept swirling in my mind throughout this experience of depression. In parentheses is my subconscious telling me that the things I found important (the light) are starting to vanish, and I need to hold on to them. The light is the things that are dear to me, the things that made me want to keep living, and this light was dying because of the darkness of depression. This light that is so dear to my heart made me want to keep holding on in the hope of a brighter future. 
“The Lived Experience of Sexual Assault,” by Jessica Coleman
My experience was not just calm water and the pain and purple glow of the night. There was a darkness, a roughness, a pain that was also present. Instead of just simply creating a pool, I decided to create these rougher colder looking waves as that is what I felt that night when it all occurred. It was that freezing cold moment the fear set in that something wasn’t right. That survival instinct moment is what the red area of the sky represents. The quick sudden terrifying awakening into what is occurring and your thoughts racing trying to figure out how to escape. in that moment, while the sky remained pink and purple, the mind went red and it began to invade that once beautiful sky. Having her eyes closed represented that moment of dissociation that many of us experience–not wanting to be in that place any longer and having a part of me leave that night. Sometimes still questioning myself on exactly what happened and if I really remember everything. Finally, I included stars in the sky. While yes it was night when this incident occurred, that is not what these stars represent. They represent the change that still lies within me. The awakening of fear and change I had that night. They became a part of the sky that exists inside my mind as a permanent constellation of experiences from that night that will be with me for the rest of my life. 
“The Lived Experience of Being Absorbed into Written Fiction,” by Benjamin Goldstein
A phenomenological-poetic inquiry into the phenomenon of absorption into written fiction. My themes were: (1) joyful meditation, (2) pseudo-dissociation, (3) journey to the otherworld, (4) communion with characters, & (5) gratitude for the creator.
The Lived Experience of Becoming,” by April Oglesbee
Becoming is experienced as a process of vacillating back and forth in time and place as though they exist on an accessible mental loop; there’s balance between the experience of being forced into position or place and enforcing one’s sense of position or place; this experience is largely visual and auditory in remembrance. This painting expresses the theme and feeling that nothing is truly separate or contained. Even as the light exists, so does the dark, pushing each other forward and back. 
“The Lived Experience of Becoming,” by April Oglesbee
The experience of becoming as the feeling of mind and body connection looks like the process of outgrowing a physical space and container when the mental capacity or suffering becomes too great; this experience is expressed as heat and light as a reflection of a positive personal experience; the negative is expressed in terms of speed and heaviness; both are seemingly painful. I wanted to paint a sunflower that was both a part of the world around it and bursting from the inside. 
“The Lived Experience of Receiving a Medical Diagnosis,” by Hailey Prainito
This image evokes my experience with the phenomena “The Lived Experience of Receiving a Medical Diagnosis”. Though I described a negatively-focused emotional roller-coaster in my description, the entire event felt like it was leading up to this moment of understanding, where my soul was illuminated with newly found understanding of myself. I imagined the words barreling at me in a thick cloud, smacking me head on. And when the smoke faded, I imaged my body illuminated and taking control, my minds eye had opened. 
“The Lived Experience of Uncertainty” by Maya Baumeister.
Who Will It Be? is an arts-based phenomenological research study exploring the Lived Experience of Uncertainty during election week 2020, waiting to learn if either Trump or Biden won

“The Lived Experience of Synchronicity” by Melissa Najpaver
A phenomenological enactment of the experience of synchronicity.
“The Lived Experience of Sickness,” by Rose Dessaint.
This poem was inspired by the theme Bondage’. There were many demands in the lived experience of being sick. Some of the commanding actions are “stay, forced, instructed, neglect, commanded…” These words reminded me a lot of bondage and slavery. When I was sick, I was forced to work on the pace that my body provided me. It was so hard to walk; I was constantly dragging myself to work and to class. And I was continuously gasping for air in an attempt to stop coughing. It was as if I was carrying a boulder on back, and an extremely tight shackle around my neck, while someone was stomping on my chest and hitting my head with a hammer. This experience reminds me of the Trail of Tears, the Transatlantic slave trade, and the Middle Passage. I do not claim to have experienced the same agony and terror as these groups of people; I simply want to honor them and highlight the concept of pain and restrictions, enforced by bondage.
“The Lived Experience of Sickness,” by Rose Dessaint
In my description of being sick there were many words like “Help, Gasping, Carrying, Stomping, Hitting, Dragging, drowning.” There were also words like “threatened, death, and battle.” Hence, this theme is categorized as “Battle.” Sickness can be seen as a battle because the body (white blood cells) are fighting against the virus that is attacking it. Plus, the Corona Virus pandemic has been referred to as “a common enemy” by the United Nations. There was also a mental battle—to surrender to the body or to accomplish one’s obligations. There are 3 viruses: 1) one has a shackle like the one I felt around my neck; 2) the second one had a sword, used to restrict me and keep me in bondage; 3) and the last one had two hammers, which were used to hit my head and chest repeatedly.